Employment Sectors

Forestry and fishing jobs are a well-known part of our local industry, but so are tourism and hospitality, education, marine, medicine, trades, and other career options. Launch your own business to serve our regions residents, or work online to sell to the rest of the world.

Home Based Workers

Our region offers tremendous opportunity for home-based workers. The Regional District of Mount Waddington offers some of the fastest high-speed fibre optic internet in British Columbia. We also have other initiatives such as Connected Coast and Starlink connecting the more remote areas of the region. Working, living and playing in this beautiful part of BC lends to a well-balanced life!


The future is bright for the changing and increasingly sustainable Forestry Industry on the North Island. As the demand for wood continues to grow, so does the need for both skilled and unskilled employees across the field. A career in Forestry extends well beyond logging to silviculture, planning, and more.


Aquaculture is one of the industries on the North Island that offers marine jobs, career and training opportunities. Staff enjoy the ability to work on the water in one of the most beautiful places in the world. There’s a range of choices for qualified professionals, as well as for those seeking entry level jobs.


The Regional District of Mount Waddington remains one of the Province of British Columbia’s most productive fishing commercial fishing areas, with active docks, fishing fleets and processing facilities.


The marine sector, from transportation to tourism, Canadian Coast Guard and commercial traffic, is a growth sector that offers more careers than jobs – it’s a lifestyle.


Mining has a long history on Vancouver Island North, and like many natural resources, it has been subject to availability and market changes. Currently, there are a handful of small mining and quarrying operations running in the region.


Health services are a major employer on Vancouver Island North. With family and emergency care locations throughout the region there are many opportunities for healthcare practitioners to gain experience and establish long-lasting careers. Additionally, there are satellite medical services that assist remote communities that provide unique opportunities in the workplace.


Retail in the Vancouver Island North region is a labour of small-town love. From our locally-owned franchise stores to boutique shops you can find what you need. Retail stores also provide valuable jobs and employment in the region.


Tourism is an exciting growth sector on Vancouver Island North. The region hosts an abundance of professional guiding opportunities, hospitality, and management positions. These seasonal and year-round jobs, coupled with untapped entrepreneurial opportunities and career potential are the hallmarks of employment in this sector. Explore Tourism Vancouver Island North for insight into the many businesses that have been either blazing trail for decades, or are relatively new startups in the region. Youth looking for first time jobs also have a high degree of employability in this sector.

Current Opportunities

The employment opportunities in the North Island are ample and unique. The North Island Employment Centre keeps an updated database of job opportunities available in the region that’s free for employers.