Aquaculture is considered a future-looking industry. Vancouver Island North boasts one of the few land-based Fish Farms, built as a cooperative between business and the Namgis First Nations.

Aquaculture includes the culture and harvest of sea animals, vegetation and related processing activities. On Vancouver Island North, there are Salmon Fish Farms and experimental shellfish aquaculture operations occurring in select regions, largely facilitated by First Nations on their traditional territories.

There are three large salmon farming companies in the region – Marine Harvest, Cermaq Canada, and Grieg Seafood. These companies employ people within Vancouver Island North Communities, and also from Southern areas on Vancouver Island. The industry is considered one of the primary emergent markets involved in the task of supplying the world with protein.

Please check out the websites of these major employers for more information on the aquaculture industry.

Aquaculture Employment Opportunities

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