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Health services are a major employer on Vancouver Island North. There are opportunities for healthcare practitioners to gain experience and establish long-lasting careers at any one of the family and emergency care locations throughout the region. Additionally, there are satellite medical services that assist remote communities that provide unique opportunities in the workplace.

“Island Health provides health care and support services to more than 767,000 people on Vancouver Island, the islands in the Salish Sea and the Johnstone Strait, and the mainland communities north of Powell River.” VIHA

Island Health is the source for information on Health Care on Vancouver Island North. They have information on your health, health services, care locations, careers, your visit, physicians, and they can answer your questions regarding health care.

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Mount Waddington Health Network (MWHN)

The Mount Waddington Health Network’s goal is to engage with the community and improve the health status of Mount Waddington residents by advocating for better programs and services, strengthening the health capacity of local communities, and influencing public policy. Our membership is representative of First Nations, municipalities, the RDMW, Island Health, social services organizations, community organizations, aboriginal health services, health professionals, seniors, educational institutions, sub-committees, and YOU.

MWHN functions as:
Relationship Builders: The Health Network has engaged and caring members, and has held over 40 Health Network forums in RDMW communities.  We are a grass-roots organization that address all aspects of health.
Community Liaisons: Our coordinator and table of partners listen to the health needs of people in the community and communicate those needs to health service providers. We provide proactive support for RDMW communities, and assist those communities in acting.
Advocates and Champions: We are actively working with Island Health on Health Services Sustainability Plans, and the Regional District of Mount Waddington on improving the social determinants of health.

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