“Vancouver Island North experiences, the true ones, are those magic moments where nature, beauty, life and abundance reveal themselves and work in harmony.”

Vancouver Island North represents 50% of Vancouver Island’s land mass, and holds 2% of Vancouver Island’s population. The wilderness and wildlife that surround the regions charming, relaxed, and sometimes rugged communities is easy to access on the proverbial road-less-travelled. This creates an environment that is ripe with eco-tourism opportunities. The peak summer season sees an influx of hundreds of thousands of international travelers, film crews, and domestic visitors who seek to explore some part of what Vancouver Island North offers.

Residents enjoy the calm shoulder seasons and winter months in relative solitude. Beaches with miles to explore and no other people, free and open trails, places for campfires and recreation are easily accessible. There are many sports and complexes through the region that host teams and tournaments of all ages.

Explore our links on hiking, fishing, hunting, wildlife, skiing and snowboarding, and water activities for more information on the many ways North Islanders keep busy. There is a rich community and life here for those who seek it.

Explore Vancouver Island North Tourism’s webpage for comprehensive information on the locations and services in the region.