Keltic Seafoods: A Co-Op on My Vancouver Island North

Organization -

Port Hardy, B.C. A story of a co-op: local people banding together to create opportunity.

When Keltic Seafood was on the block in 2000, the local employees banded together to purchase the business, and it’s been run as a coop ever since.

“Keltic Seafoods Ltd, established December 1, 2000, is located in a safe harbour strategic to the prime Pacific west coast commercial fishing grounds. We have the capacity and employees to grade, sort, tally, and containerize over 450 tons of off loading daily: Pollock, Hake, Sardines, Salmon, Ground Fish, Halibut, and many other ocean products.

Keltic is an approved food processing facility being certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. We offer full service custom processing, commercial cold storage,and blast freezing services. We manufacture ice, and render offal and fish byproduct. We have an experienced work force capable of adapting and changing to industry demands. We have skilled engineers and fabricators capable of in house manufacture of custom process machinery. Chain of custody from ocean to plate… You can expect quality from us: All of our fish are processed under rigid standards folllowing procedures strictly controlled by our CFIA approved quality assurance team. Keltic is a federally registered processing plant, approved to export worldwide, including the European Union.”


Keltic is always hiring seasonal workers. Check out www.KelticSeafoods.Com for more information!