North Island life is a beautiful thing. The communities are set in rich wilderness drawing visitors from around the world. The abundance of resources extends to land and sea, and the communities work to support policies that will ensure jobs, a healthy environment and sustainable living for the future.

Our Stories & News

Incredible stories have come out of this region of Vancouver Island. It’s our desire to share these stories with people from other regions who are interested in an alternative lifestyle, fresh air, and access to healthy jobs, careers and educational opportunities. These stories reflect a strong sense of community, family and friends.

Land and Water Activities

Mountain ranges and pristine lakes. Ocean expanses and beaches forever. Hidden coves and secret caverns. If you like land and water and getting outdoors, you’re going to love living on Vancouver Island North.

First Nations Culture

The region referred to as Vancouver Island North is rich with Aboriginal culture and heritage.

Organizations & Businesses

Vancouver Island North supports an ever growing hub of local business, clubs and organizations. They are the backbone of our communities and provide valuable support, resources and networking opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have heard stories about North Island life, so we’ve created this FAQ to provide some facts and dispel some myths. If you have further questions about the region or need more information, please get in touch with us personally.