Port Hardy Fire & Rescue Celebrates 50 Years

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It’s the 50th Anniversary of Port Hardy Fire and Rescue (PHFR) in 2018. PHFR was formed in 1968 when the MacMillan Bloedel fire department was taken over by the District of Port Hardy. To commemorate 50 years of service and volunteerism to the community, PHFR is hosting the “PHFR 50th Anniversary Firefighters’ Ball” on June 30th. They have been attempting to contact as many former 275 Port Hardy firefighters as possible, and they will be hosting a fantastic traditional firefighter’s ball complete with music, entertaininment, speeches, commemoration, and more.

Throughout the weekend the PHFR will also be hosting a number of other social activities, anticipating that many former members who have not lived in Port Hardy for years will be keen to catch up. Tickets are now on sale to the public – limited seating may be available. For more information on the event visithttp://phfr50th.eventbrite.ca.

To learn more about the organization, visit their website, designed and maintained on a volunteer basis by Adam Harding. www.porthardyfire.ca