Vancouver Island Regional Library wants to team up with the Town of Port McNeill to build a new multi-use facility

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There is always something new happening on the North Island. This time, it’s a potential plan that will help literacy in our community.

From Tyson Whitney, North island Gazette

The Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) wants to get on board with Port McNeill council and develop a brand new multi-use facility in town.

“Thank you for the opportunity to speak at your Jan. 7, 2019 meeting of council,” wrote Rosemary Bonanno, Executive Director for VIRL. “I was struck by your energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to see the community of Port McNeill grow and thrive in the years ahead.”

Bonanno continued, noting, “a new library for the town, as you know, will quickly become an exciting hub of literacy, learning, social interactions, business development, and so much more. My team comes with the expertise and experience to build a state-of-the-art library that will reflect and evolve with your community’s needs.”

According to Bonanno, when building new libraries, there are three ownership models that can be explored:

1. The building is owned by VIRL;

2. The building is owned by the municipality and leased by VIRL; or

3. The building is owned by a private entity and leased by VIRL.

“Like you, I believe that a multi-use facility will help the Town of Port McNeill in many ways,” stated Bonanno. “It will build community, help foster economic development, and attract new residents and businesses. VIRL wants to be part of your plans by opening a vibrant, bustling, and dynamic library in the multi-use facility.”

Bonanno thanked council and stated that “As your plans take shape, we are here to assist in any way, from consulting on your building program to grant applications and other documentation. You are a forward-thinking council and VIRL wants to be part of the momentum you are generating for your community.”

Mayor Gaby Wickstrom stated that the letter from VIRL was just for information and there is currently no plans being discussed for a new library in town.